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Zip Book Request Form

  1. Instructions
    Please fill in the following information for the item you would like to request the library purchase utilizing the Zip Book program. If the library decides to purchase the requested item as a Zip Book it will be shipped directly to the mailing address you provide on this form. The item will be added to your Placer County Library account; you will have 90 days to read and then return your material to any Placer County Library location so that the item can be cataloged and added to the collection.
  2. Zip Book Rules
    1) You can have up to three Zip Book request at a time. 2) The item must be shipped and sold by 3) Zip books can only be books, books on CD, or large print books (no DVDs or other media).
  3. Information for Item Request
  4. Please provide the full link to the item on Amazon, if available
  5. Your Information
  6. This is the address we will have your request shipped to.
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