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Air Pollution Complaint

  1. Source of Air Contaminants
    Information about the source of air contaminant or location at which the air contaminant was observed (if other than your home).
  2. Do you know the name of the person or the company responsible for the air contaminants?*
  3. Date & Time of Observation
  4. Was the emission of air contaminants continuous or intermittent at that time?
  5. Has it occurred before?
  6. Description
    Provide more information about the air contaminants or emissions.
  7. Type of Emission*
  8. Wind Conditions
  9. Complaint or Violation Report
    Were you impacted by the air contaminate discharge or are you reporting a potential violation of air pollution regulations?
  10. Complaint or Violation Report*
  11. Final Requirements
    Your completion of the following is required:
  12. Will you testify in court?*
  13. Certification*
    Notice: The District will not voluntarily disclose the Complainant's (your) identity unless the case goes to court in which case disclosure may be required. However, the District cannot guarantee that the identity of the Complainant will not be deduced due to the circumstances, particularly if the source of air contaminants is nearby and/or the Complainant has had previous interactions with the investigated party. The District may find that some private disputes are not resolvable through District enforcement.
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