Animal Services seeks help with dog overcrowding after recent storms

Published March 16, 2023

Recent stormy weather has led to an increase in dog intakes at the Placer County Animal Services Center in Auburn, putting additional strain on an already-full shelter. As a result, PCAS is launching adoption and redemption promotions to address overcrowding. 

In the first two weeks of March alone, the shelter took in 73 new dogs, more than 60% higher than normal for this time of year. The pace of adoptions and redemptions has not kept up, and as a result, the shelter is experiencing overcrowding, with many overflow dogs placed in crates in spare rooms, doubled up in kennels and even housed in barn stalls. This can lead to more stress and illness for the animals. 

“We’re asking the public to take some precautions to ensure your pup stays safe at home during weather events,” said Katie Ingram, PCAS program manager. “We’re also pleading with owners to redeem their lost pets, and for other community members to open their homes and hearts for adoption if they can.”

Tips to help ensure your dogs don’t get loose during inclement weather include: 

  • Check fences regularly so pets can’t escape. 
  • Make sure animals are confined and safe, especially if they are prone to anxiety. 
  • Make sure you have extra supplies of food, medications and other necessities on hand.
  • Ensure pets are microchipped and that owner identification information is up to date.
  • For pet owners who have other concerns or may need support in keeping their pet at home during stormy weather, please contact PCAS for resources. 

To help move more dogs out of the shelter, through the end of March PCAS is: 

Waiving adoption fees: All adoption fees for dogs will be waived. View adoptable dogs here. The shelter is also welcoming potential foster families who might be able to foster a dog. 

Waiving redemption fees: All redemption fees will be waived for dogs currently impounded through the end of March. View lost and found pets here.

If a member of the public finds a dog, the following tips can help reunite the pet with its owner prior to bringing it to the shelter:   

  • Hold onto the dog for at least 48 hours if you can. 
  • Knock on doors in the neighborhood where the pet was found or talk to people in the neighborhood that are out and about.   
  • Post found pet flyers in the neighborhood and report the found pet online using,,,, local Facebook groups and 
  • Alert Placer County Animal Services at 530-886-5500 if you are unable to locate an owner and need assistance from the shelter.