Placer County Board of Supervisors approves eight CAP Committee projects for 2022-23

Published Jan. 24, 2023

Based on the recommendation of the Capital Advisory Projects Committee, eight capital improvement projects have received funding in eastern Placer County. 

On Tuesday, January 24, the Placer County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the allocation of $4,493,818 in Tourism Occupancy Tax funds consistent with CAP Committee recommendations to fund these eight projects for the 2022-23 fiscal year. 

During this year’s grant cycle, the CAP Committee received 13 project requests totaling $8.1 million. The committee determined three applications did not meet funding criteria and two other projects were supported by the committee but were encouraged to seek other identified funding sources. 

The CAP Committee had $7.2 million in available funding for project recommendations, including $5.5 million in Transit Occupancy Tax collected over the past fiscal year and $1.7 million of leftover funds from the previous grant cycle. The remainder of $2.7 million will be reserved for future projects.

“I’m thankful for the CAP Committee’s deliberation and commitment to recommending these projects in our region,” District 5 Supervisor Cindy Gustafson said. “There are many important needs in our area and I’m so thankful the committee reserved funds for future projects that could go to addressing critical housing and transportation issues.”

Projects funded in this grant cycle featured portions of the Resort Triangle Trail, including the Martis Valley Trail ($2 million), Flick Point II trail ($70,000) and the North Tahoe Trail ($1.5 million). Additional dirt trails and amenities were also funded including Sawtooth Trails ($157,983), Donner Lake Rim Trail ($265,000) and Cabin Creek trailhead amenities ($91,694). Both North Tahoe Public Utilities District ($58,141) and Tahoe City Public Utilities District ($351,000) received funding to enhance community signage projects. 

The CAP Committee is co-convened by Placer County and the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association and is tasked with making recommendations to the Placer County Board of Supervisors for grant awards to fund infrastructure and capital projects. The committee includes 13 appointed members representing eastern Placer County businesses, special districts, ski resorts, the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association and Placer County.