The Ranch Subdivision

The proposed project would generally include the development of a single-family residential community consisting of approximately 483 single-family lots, ranging in size from 5,775-square feet (sf) to over 10,000-sf. Various associated improvements would be included in the development of the proposed project, including, but not limited to parks, trails, landscaping, and utility installation. Circulation system improvements would include two vehicular accesses from Vineyard Road: a four-way stop with gated entry at the south leg of the Vineyard Road/Eva Lane intersection, which would connect to an internal system of private roadways; and a stop-controlled access at the northwest corner of the site, which would provide access to a new pick-up/drop-off location (Lot A1) for students at Creekview Ranch Middle School, as well as a gated entrance to the proposed subdivision.

It should be noted that a centrally located existing on-site residence would be retained and incorporated into the project. All other on-site structures, including an additional residence and farm buildings located in the northeast corner of the project site, would be demolished.

The project site consists of approximately 221.7 acres located south of Vineyard Road, east of Cook Riolo Road and Creekview Ranch Middle School, adjacent to and west of the City of Roseville and its Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, and north of Dry Creek in the Dry Creek West Placer Community Plan Area (DCWPCP) of unincorporated Placer County. It should be noted that with the inclusion of an existing 2.8-acre home site that is centrally located and would remain within the project site, the total acreage of the project site is 224.5 acres. The project site is identified by Assessor’s Parcel Numbers (APNs) 474-080-004, -005, -006, -007, -019, and -020. 

The proposed project would require County approval of a General Plan/DCWPCP Map Amendment, a General Plan Text Amendment, Rezone, Large Lot Tentative Subdivision Map, Vesting Phased Small Lot Tentative Subdivision Map, Conditional Use Permit, Variance, and three service area annexations. These entitlement requests are discussed in further detail below. Other approvals necessary to implement the proposed project would include Placer County Conservation Program (PCCP) authorization, a Section 404 permit from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), a Section 1602 permit from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), a Section 401 Water Quality Certification from the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB), and a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Construction General Permit.

For more information regarding the proposed project, please refer to the following detailed project description or contact Kara Conklin, Assistant Planner, at (530) 745-3053 or

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Notice of Preparation of EIR - Released 01/18/23