CDCR votes to give Justine Vanderschoot’s murderer Daniel Bezemer another parole hearing, citing technology issues 

Oct. 17, 2022

Today, the Executive Board of the Board of Parole Hearings, a division of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, voted to vacate Daniel Bezemer’s Aug. 10 parole hearing that resulted in him being denied parole for three years.  

The vote was made based on a “procedural error”, with CDCR stating their recording device was unable to record the entirety of the original hearing. The board then voted to allow Bezemer a new hearing to ensure they are able to record the entire hearing.  

The Placer County District Attorney’s Office joined Justine Vanderschoot’s family in pleading with the board to allow the denial of Daniel Bezemer’s parole to stand.  

“What they call a “procedural error” is a devastating decision to reopen this case for the Vanderschoot family and the Placer County community,” said Placer County District Attorney Morgan Gire. “We are evaluating all options available to reverse the decision made today by the BPH Executive Board.  Mr. Bezemer was properly denied parole after a thorough hearing.  This incredible family does not deserve to be put through another painful hearing.” 

During today’s vote, Justine’s father explained the pain these hearings put their family through. He emphasized their work to “remember the good times with Justine” and how parole hearings continuously “rip off the band aid” during the healing process. 

At the Aug. 10 hearing, the board reviewed the totality of the circumstances surrounding the crime, the lasting effect of the crime on the family and the community, as well as a report on the inmate’s behavior during his time in prison, among other factors. After a five-hour long hearing, the board decided to deny parole for Daniel Bezemer for three years. 

The decision made today would vacate the parole denial and require CDCR to schedule a new hearing in the coming months.  

The Placer County District Attorney’s Office is currently looking into legal options to uphold the decision to deny Daniel Bezemer parole made on Aug. 10. The office will update the public as soon as their decision is made on next steps.