Water & Utilities Restoration


Pacific Gas & Electric is the major service provider for residents in the unincorporated areas of Placer County. For more information about how PG&E can help with the rebuild and recovery phase, please call 800-743-5000, email rebuild@pge.com or visit pge.com/wildfirerecovery and pge.com/consumer-protections.

Domestic Wells

If you have a private domestic well and it has been damaged, it may have been exposed to potential contamination and can contaminate surrounding groundwater if not repaired properly. Fire can damage the well casing, electrical conduits and piping. DO NOT use the water for consumption which includes drinking, cooking, dishwashing, oral hygiene, hand washing, bathing and pets. If your well appears damaged it will likely need to be repaired by a qualified professional and properly disinfected. Please contact Placer County Environmental Health to discuss your well along with potential disinfection and testing requirements. You can contact Placer County Environmental Health at (530) 745-2300 or at environmentalhealth@placer.ca.gov.

Private Well Disinfection Guidelines

Septic Systems

Fire could have damaged your septic system. The damage could have occurred to the piping between the house and the septic tank, from the septic tank to the leach field or to the septic tank lids. Damage sometimes occurs from heavy equipment such as backhoes and bulldozers used to fight the fire or to clean up debris. The repairs to the system must be done by qualified professionals as per Placer County Environmental Health Division requirements. If your septic tank was damaged, please contact Placer County Environmental Health at (530) 745-2300 or at environmentalhealth@placer.ca.gov.

Septic System Review Following a Fire

Internet Service

WAVE Broadband (Astound Broadband)
WAVE Customer Service: 866-928-3123
Small Business Troubleshooting/Service Support: 888-202-9820

Sebastian Corp High Speed Internet

Home internet support: 866-481-3705

Phone Service

Home phone support: 866-481-3705