Auburn Airport Aircraft Overflight Rezone Project

Project Description

The Auburn Airport Aircraft Overflight Rezone project is a County-initiated project to rezone properties located near the Auburn Municipal Airport to add the combining -AO Aircraft Overflight Zone. The AO District prohibits uses that are not identified as a compatible land use in the applicable airport land use plan.

California law requires that after an ALUC has adopted an ALUCP, affected local governments must update their general plans, specific plans, and regulations to be consistent with the ALUCP (Gov’t. Code, § 65302.3). The ALUCP was updated and adopted by the ALUC in September of 2021. 

The County has determined that in order to achieve consistency with the 2021 adopted ALUCPs, the County will need to rezone 332 properties to add the combining -AO (Aircraft Overflight) zone and combining district, while maintaining the properties original base zoning.

Purpose of the Rezone

  • Implement the General Plan and Auburn Bowman Community Plan Goals & Policies, and Zoning Ordinance  
  • Implement the 2021 Auburn Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan 
  • Bring Placer County Land Use and Zoning Regulations into Conformance with State Law

Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan

  • An ALUCP is a guidance document used by local agencies to promote land uses in the vicinity of airports that are compatible with airport operations. 
  • ALUCPs serve to protect airports from encroachment by new incompatible land uses that could restrict airport operations. 
  • The Compatibility Zone boundaries, or Airport Influence Areas, address four compatibility factors: noise, safety, airspace protection, and overflight concerns.



March 14, 2023

Spring 2023

July 27th, 2023

Nov. 14, 2023

Late-Spring 2023

Late-Spring 2023

Environmental Review / 

Property Owner Early Notification

Mid-Summer 2023

Late-Summer 2023

North Auburn 

MAC Meeting

Property Owner Early Notification

Planning Commission HearingBoard Hearing

Dates are subject to change. Check the Placer County Planning webpage for updates.