Supervisors authorize $56 million for Sheriff's Office facilities

Published May 25, 2022

The Placer County Board of Supervisors adopted a series of resolutions Tuesday, to authorize the award of two design-build contracts totaling $56 million for the construction of the Mental Health Facility and the Vocational Training Facility at the Bill Santucci Justice Center in Roseville. Based on a best-value criterion, the contracts were both awarded to Clark & Sullivan Construction and Broward Builder/Arrington Watkins Architects, who have entered a joint venture. When complete, the two Placer County Sheriff's Office facilities will add a total of 165 beds to the South Placer Jail. 

The Vocational Training Facility is anticipated to cost approximately $37 million to construct and will encompass nearly 39,000 square feet of space in a single-story building. With the addition of two new housing units, the design will include space for 120 inmates. When complete, the new facility will provide job training for employment opportunities with the goal to help reduce recidivism in Placer County.

“I’d like to thank our Board of Supervisors for their support in reducing the recidivism rate in Placer County," said Placer County Sheriff Devon Bell. “We have seen the positive impact made on inmates who participate in our vocational programs as they take their new skills and apply them in the workforce. Hearing how motivated they are to work time off their sentence to begin a new journey upon their release makes us proud,” Sheriff Bell added. “By reducing the recidivism rate, we can continue to keep Placer County a safe place to live, work, and visit.”

The Mental Health Facility will cost approximately $19 million to construct and the design calls for a single-story building encompassing 16,555 square feet with three 15-bed pods totaling 45 inmate beds. The new facility will support acute mental health treatment as well as expanded treatment for those who are deemed incompetent to stand trial. A separate and secure corridor will be built to connect the two new buildings to the existing jail.

Three teams responded to the call for proposals to develop design-build concepts for both facilities. The two unsuccessful proposers were Roebbelen Contracting, Inc. / Nacht and Lewis; and SlettenCompanies / DLR Group. Roebbelen Contracting, Inc. / Nacht and Lewis was awarded $50,000 for their full participation in the time-consuming procurement process. SlettenCompanies / DLR Group withdrew after phase one was complete, opting not to pursue phase 2 of the selection process and therefore did not qualify to receive $50,000 for participating.

The total cost for both projects is anticipated to reach $68 million with approximately $40 million in lease revenue bonds coming from the state Public Works Board. The county is covering the remaining $28 million using public safety funds, capital reserves, and federal grant funding from the American Rescue Plan Act.  

The cost of these two projects is estimated to be 29% higher than originally anticipated because of state government delays and rampant inflation. District 5 Supervisor and Board Chair Cindy Gustafson directed staff to send a letter to the BSCC seeking additional funding since the delays were caused by the state. 

“County staff has done everything possible to work with state staff, but I wonder if we might be able to elevate the conversation to our electeds,” said Gustafson. “They have a state budget surplus, and they want these projects to continue. I think it’s appropriate to ask for an increase in their contribution since the state is responsible for the delay.” 

No additional staffing will be needed to manage the Vocational Training Facility as correctional officers will be re-assigned and staffing increases for the Mental Health Facility will be fully offset through a contract with the Department of State Hospitals.