Burn Permit Information

With annual vegetation growth, there is the need to manage vegetation, and in many cases, dispose of it. One method that can be used is burning. The following information outlines the Air District Burn Permit requirements.

Who Needs an APCD Burn Permit?

Except for residential pile burning at a single- or two-family residence, an Air District Burn Permit is required. Recreational burns do not need burn permits but may have fire agency restrictions. Click on the links below for information on:

Residential Outdoor Burning is defined as burning in a pile at a single- or two-family residence. It does not require an Air District Burn Permit but may require a fire agency burn permit. Contact your local fire agency for their burn permit requirements.

If the burning at your residence is not pile burning, an Air District Burn Permit may be required. Please contact the Air District before burning. 

Burning without the required burn permit is illegal, and the Air District may take enforcement action, which can include monetary penalties.

What Can Be Burned?

Only dry vegetation grown on the property can be burned. Lawn clippings, poison oak, oleander, and cannabis cannot be burned. 

What Areas Allow Burning?

Not all areas of Placer County allow burning. There are restrictions in many of the incorporated areas, in addition to limitations on burning in some subdivisions through CC&Rs (Covenants, Codes, and Restrictions). Your local fire agency has information on whether burning is allowed in your area.

How Can I Get an Air District Burn Permit?

For residential burn permits contact your local fire agency or CAL FIRE / burnpermit.fire.ca.gov

All other types of burning require an air district burn permit. These permits are not available on line. Air District burn permits can be obtained in person at the Air District office at 110 Maple Street, Auburn, CA 95603 Monday – Thursday, 8 AM to 5 PM and by appointment on Friday. In some cases, an Air District burn permit may be able to be obtained electronically through email with the accompanying  invoice paid online.

Further information can be obtained by calling 530-745-2330 or by email at pcapcd-burnpermit@placer.ca.gov

How to Prevent a Smoke Nuisance

Outdoor burning must be conducted in such a way as to minimize the smoke from creating a smoke nuisance. 

Burning wet vegetation or burning large quantities of vegetation may produce smoke that lingers and can significantly affect air quality. Poorly managed burns that create a nuisance may be cited and subject to monetary penalties. 

Burning during daylight hours is recommended thus allowing sunlight to heat the ground surface, evaporate morning dew, and allow smoke to lift, mix, and disperse. 

Additional Information

Please contact the Placer County Air Pollution Control District at 530-745-2330 or by email at pcapcd-burnpermit@placer.ca.gov if you would like additional information or have questions.