With dog kennels overflowing, Placer County Animal Services seeks community help ahead of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Published April 28, 2022

Nearing shelter capacity for dogs, Placer County Animal Services is seeking community support to adopt dogs and reunify lost dogs with their owners. More than 90% of dog kennels are full, with more dogs arriving each day. As a result, dogs are being doubled up in kennels or housed in overflow areas such as exercise yards to make space. 

“We’re facing a number of simultaneous challenges that are making it difficult to get dogs out the door and into homes,” said program manager Katie Ingram. “We’ve launched a number of promotions to try to combat this, including adoption specials and redemption incentives.”

Through May 14, Placer County Animal Services is: 

  • Waiving redemption fees for first-time animal impounds. The shelter may even be able to transport the pet back home if needed.
  • Offering free spay/neutering, microchipping and vaccinations for all redeemed pets, and
  • Offering discounted $10 adoptions for dogs and cats.

Many lost dogs are not being recovered at the Animal Services Center, which is contributing to overcrowding. Of 14 lost dogs that have arrived in the past week, half are still waiting to be reunited. Lost pets can be viewed on the county website

If a member of the public finds a dog, the following tips help reunite the pet with its owner prior to bringing it to the shelter:  

  • Hold onto the dog for at least 48 hours if you can. Studies have found that 85% of lost pets who were held for 48 hours were returned home, as opposed to 26% of pets taken directly to the shelter.
  • Knock on doors in the neighborhood where the pet was found or talk to people in the neighborhood that are out and about.  
  • Post found pet flyers in the neighborhood and report the found pet online using 24petconnect.com, Pawboost.com, FindingRover.com, Nextdoor.com, local Facebook groups and Lost.PetcoLove.org.
  • Alert Placer County Animal Services at 530-886-5500 if you are unable to locate an owner and need assistance from the shelter.

Creating additional strain, many adoptable pets are waiting longer for adoption – the majority of the dogs currently available for adoption have already been at the shelter for 30 days or longer, and shelter stays for dogs are trending 25% longer this year compared to last. Longer stays result in more stress on an animal, and potential behavioral or medical issues as a result. Placer County Animal Services has been running its “Spring Cleaning” adoption special, under which dog and cat adoptions will be just $10 through May 14. Browse online or stop by the shelter to see pups in person.

“Saturday is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, and if you’ve been thinking about perhaps adopting, now is the perfect time,” Ingram said. “Adopting a dog not only gives that animal a loving forever home, but helps us decrease crowding at the shelter, which makes for a better experience for the remaining animals as well.”

Members of the public who aren’t able to adopt a pet but are willing to foster a dog can also email ansinfo@placer.ca.gov

Placer County Animal Services can be found at 11232 B Avenue in Auburn; online at https://www.placer.ca.gov/animal; and at 530-886-5540.