Traffic enforcement to increase in Placer County under new contracts with CHP

Published April 19, 2022

Aerial photograph of a two-lane mountain road winding through a snowy landscape on a cloudy day

Speeders beware: The California Highway Patrol will step up traffic enforcement on county roads after the Placer County Board of Supervisors today approved new contracts for the expanded service. 

The approvals follow recent requests from residents for increased speed limit enforcement in communities spanning the county. 

“We have a lot of residents who contact us with concerns about traffic violations and having CHP officers in more areas will be very helpful,” said District 1 Supervisor Bonnie Gore. “It will be important for us to work together to ensure community members are informed about the increased enforcement - so that they’re forewarned, but also so that they’re aware we’re responding to their concerns by making this investment in their safety.” 

Traffic enforcement on the more than 1,000 miles of county-maintained roadways is the responsibility of the CHP, but the agency has limited resources for the large geographical region they patrol. The expanded enforcement on county roadways will be provided by off-duty CHP officers - avoiding impacts to its existing enforcement service in Placer County, which will also continue. 

Contracts with the CHP’s Auburn and Truckee divisions will fund up to $190,000 in increased services for one year, starting June 1. A separate agreement up to $10,000 with the Gold Run Division is still being negotiated. 

While enforcement areas may shift depending on community and county staff input, efforts will initially be focused on the unincorporated roadways with high traffic volumes and where the county’s Department of Public Works has received concerns about speeding from residents.  

Traffic safety in Placer County is the shared responsibility of the CHP and the Department of Public Works. Public Works continually evaluates and implements safety measures like speed limits, intersection controls and speed bumps, and works to educate the community about safety concerns.