Critical Success Factors

Placer County’s Strategic Plan is established to guide future growth of the County over the next three to five years. The action-oriented plan outlines the strategies, initiatives, and results on which the County will work collaboratively to deliver what our community needs. The Strategic Plan encompasses eight strategic initiatives, called Critical Success Factors (CSFs). The County’s CSFs are a set of guiding principles meant to shape future growth of the County and represent a priority that has been identified by the Board of Supervisors. These CSFs lay the foundation for continued progress towards the County Vision and act as a guide for budget priorities.

Each CSF has a set of strategic initiatives that is used to measure progress along the way with a corresponding work plan to guide staff and to inform the Board of Supervisors and public. Input from elected leaders and department directors has been instrumental in developing these initiatives. The work plan is intended as a flexible document that the County Executive Office manages to ensure accountability and timely completion of Board of Supervisors supported initiatives. Ultimately, we are committed to meeting the highest standard of customer service and this strategic plan is the roadmap that will lead us.

Strategic Plan Dashboard

The Strategic Plan Dashboard measures progress towards achieving outcomes specified in the CSFs. As part of our commitment to transparency, we are providing this online dashboard to keep the public updated on different areas of progress over time.

View the Strategic Plan Dashboard

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Critical Success Factor #1: Strategic Relationships and Community Engagement 

The County identifies opportunities to work proactively and collaboratively with our community members, business sector, municipalities, and regional partners on areas of common interest. We work for consistency and support efforts that will improve transparency of service delivery and encourage open dialogue and two-way communication for the benefit of all county residents.

Critical Success Factor #2: Diversity of Achievable Housing Throughout the County

The County initiates and facilitates efforts to ensure that people of all income ranges can attain housing. We support efforts that expand existing workforce housing, encourage new construction, and improve land-use planning regulations that provide a mix of housing types. We recognize that both rental and home ownership opportunities are necessary to meet the overall housing needs of existing and future residents.

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Critical Success Factor #3: Public Serving Infrastructure and Amenities 

The County provides high-quality, cost-efficient public facilities, transportation, and regional infrastructure systems that enhance the health, safety, and overall quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors.

Critical Success Factor #4: Outcome-Focused Economic Development

The County strives to create a business and development environment that balances our agricultural heritage with economic growth. Economic development programs and strategies are focused on primary job creation, employee development, and maintenance of a thriving business climate that supports business retention and expansion opportunities.

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Critical Success Factor #5: Prudent and Comprehensive Financial Planning

The County strives to maintain a long- term, fiscally conservative plan that ensures financial resiliency while ensuring both the operational and capital funding needs of the organization are adequately met for the betterment of our current and future residents. The County provides timely and accurate communication on its financial condition in order to make sound policy decisions.

Critical Success Factor #6: Fiscally Sustainable Public Safety Services 

Public safety is a core function of county government. In addition to providing direct service, the County collaborates with multiple law enforcement, fire protection and emergency medical service agencies to support the safety of our communities.

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Critical Success Factor #7: Innovative, Integrated County Services

The County supports a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. Interdepartmental collaboration, use of technology, and strategic partnerships ensure efficient, effective, and equitable service delivery.

Critical Success Factor #8: Balanced Land Use Planning and Environmental Stewardship

The County’s land-use policies protect the overall quality of life for our residents and business community while recognizing the need to preserve our finite environmental resources to support preservation and reasonable land management techniques that balance economic prosperity in the County. Healthy forests and watershed management improve air and water quality and protect wildlife habitat and our environment.