A Place for All in Loomis

As her parent’s health declined, Sharon Hudson found herself running back and forth between her home in Newcastle and her parent’s home in Rocklin. Knowing that the elders would soon require around-the-clock care, Hudson and her husband Ken, began looking for a property that would allow both couples the freedom to live independently, while also allowing Hudson to be there immediately should a parent need her.Loomis ADU-003

Sharon and Ken closed on a property in Loomis that had two existing homes, one being a perfect single-story for her parents to live in and the other a rehab project she dreamed of updating into a forever home. Once the Hudson’s assessed the property, they discovered the home they hoped to update would be significantly more work than expected due to the poor condition of the home. The couple decided to demolish the home and start fresh with a new Accessory Home in its place.

Hudson worked with an architect on developing a single-story custom plan while remaining conscious of the 1,200 square foot limit to be considered an Accessory Home and take advantage of reduced impact fees. With the future in mind, Hudson designed the home to be wheelchair accessible, should she or her husband require the use of one in the future.

Along the way, they discovered the new construction required a new septic, but luckily the property had a strong well that could provide water to both homes. Even with the expense of a septic, the Hudsons managed to stay well within the budget they set for the project.

Sharon’s mother passed in December 2019, still allowing both couples to be near, though during construction of the new home. As construction wrapped up in spring 2020, Sharon was particularly thankful both she and her husband have been close by to care for her father who is experiencing advanced dementia. 

“My husband has been able stay in the home with my father, with me close by,” said Hudson. “I have been the one to run errands and get groceries and drop off items at the door without the risk of exposing my father to coronavirus or other diseases at this time.”

When her father passes away, Hudson hopes to provide the extra home for use to women that need shelter or for some other charitable cause. After that, she dreams the home will house her grandchildren. 

 “Our hope is to make sure our family can be around forever.”

Accessory Home Type Detached
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2
Square Feet 1,194
Year Built 2020
Project Cost $360k
Location Loomis
Designer Syndicate Architects
Builder JNT Construction
Use Home for owners/aging family members