Once you acquire all the necessary permits, it is time to start building your Accessory Home. You have a variety of options for how you might want to construct your unit:

  • Traditional: homeowner hires a builder to construct the unit that an architect/designer designs 
  • Panelized: homes constructed from two-dimensional, prebuilt sections that are assembled on site 
  • Modular: fully constructed and finished (with cabinets, plumbing, and doors already installed) that are hooked up on site 
  • Manufactured: build offsite, but regulated by federal building code, often designed to be mobile and usually more affordable 

Get creative and do your research! There are a variety of Accessory Home construction options out there. Don't forget to see if one of our pre-reviewed plans will work for you.

During the construction process along with after the Accessory Home is constructed, you will have inspections periodically to make sure the actual construction of the home is following your plans. 

Once construction is complete and inspected then it is time for the most exciting step, moving in!

ADU Framing-010