Rural Main Streets Technical Assistance Program – Meadow Vista

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The Rural Main Street Technical Assistance Program provides technical support to help communities advance main commercial corridors for more livable, walkable, safe, and economically viable spaces. In 2020, the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) provided $20,000 in professional services to Meadow Vista and several other rural communities in the region to establish strategies prioritizing safety, beautification, community space, and local businesses. On June 26th, the community of Meadow Vista supported by County staff held a successful demonstration event to test temporary pedestrian and streetscape improvements on Placer Hills Road. The installation was on display from 10 am-2 pm and tested out design concepts including high-visibility crosswalks, colorized sidewalk, and curb extensions.

Photos from Demo Event

Focus area
Meadow Vista is a unique part of Placer County history and Placer Hills Road serves as the main thoroughfare for the community. Placer Hills Road represents the heart of the community and balances both the public and private realm while maintaining Meadow Vista’s small-town character. In initial discussions, Meadow Vista residents identified traffic calming measures and initiatives supporting local businesses as desired areas of focus for Placer Hills Road. While speed reduction measures enhance local safety, they can also incorporate aesthetic measures to attract customers to local businesses and present a welcoming space for community members to gather. Ultimately, this project sought to enhance what Meadow Vista residents love about their community while providing additional approaches to strengthen their town center.

Workshops and presentations
To develop specific strategies promoting a vibrant and economically sustainable commercial corridor, a public workshop was held on August 26, 2020. The workshop aimed to encourage community members and stakeholders to discuss their favorite parts of Placer Hills Road and future hopes for the town center in their own words. Community discussion was paired with presentations from Michele Reeves of Civilis Consultants and Paul Zykofsky of the Local Government Commission. Michele Reeves highlighted the importance of commercial corridors and provided concrete recommendations to improve sales per foot. Paul Zykofsky focused on the role of the road and how strategic streetscape improvements can simultaneously support safety, placemaking, and local businesses in Meadow Vista. You can view a recording of the workshop here, and the accompanying presentation slides are linked below.

Civilis Consulting Presentation
Local Government Commission Presentation

Community feedback
As part of the Rural Main Street Technical Assistance Program, community input was essential to creating a collective town center strategy. In addition to forming a community advisory group to lead the planning and execution of the one-day event, a public survey was also distributed to ensure local voices were heard in setting a vision for Placer Hills Road. The survey gathered feedback on the ultimate corridor vision by asking three open-ended questions pertaining to the current conditions of Placer Hills Road and future hopes for the town center. In total, over 300 respondents participated in the survey

Concept development
Utilizing feedback from the public survey and workshop, the community advisory group led the development of the temporary installation project with continued technical support from the Local Government Commission and Placer County. The installation designs aimed to support safety, beautification, community space, and/or local businesses. All designs also underscored the community vision and design criteria required under the Meadow Vista Community Plan. To prepare for the event, the Local Government Commission also created a comprehensive toolkit outlining the necessary steps to carry out a successful demonstration. You can view the temporary demonstration toolkit here. 

Long-term vision
Although the temporary demonstration will not result in any permanent improvements, it will allow the Meadow Vista community to voice their vision for Placer Hills Road and aims to drive widespread interest in community-led placemaking projects. To gauge public interest in permanent corridor improvements led by Placer County, surveys were be distributed in person at the event and online following the event. The feedback collected through the Rural Main Streets Program will help the County prioritize future capital projects for Placer Hills Road.

Be involved!
Throughout the course of the program, we welcome your feedback and ideas. Please reach out to Nikki Streegan at with any questions or concerns.