Hidden Falls Regional Park to implement new ‘extreme fire weather’ protocol July 1

Published on June 19, 2020

Starting July 1, Placer County will close public access to Hidden Falls Regional Park in North Auburn when extreme fire weather conditions are present.

Extreme fire weather days will be determined in consultation with weather and fire officials and generally coincide with conditions that prompt ‘red flag’ and ‘extreme heat’ warnings.

“The new safety measure is part of the county’s commitment to reduce wildfire risk and maintain good stewardship of the land,” said Placer County Parks Administrator Andy Fisher. “We hope park closures due to wildfire risk will be unnecessary, but it is an unfortunate reality.”

The new protocol is anticipated to remain in effect through the fall, when California’s wildfire risk is at its greatest.

Park closure notice will be given as far in advance as possible but may be as short as 12 hours before closure the following day.

Park visitors are urged to check the park’s status immediately before heading to the park. Park status information will be available at the Hidden Falls Park webpage and Facebook page.

Visitors with reservations during closure days will be given credit for the purchase price of their reservation.