Placer Ranch Specific Plan (Placer One)

The applicant, property owner, JEN CA Placer Ranch LLC, is currently developing the first phase of the Placer Ranch Specific Plan area (Phase 1A), 769 single-family residential lots located at the terminus of Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard north of the City of Roseville.

The project site is located within the 2,213-acre Placer Ranch Specific Plan area (193.3 acres of the 953.2-acre APN 017-063-075-000). The proposed Vesting Phased Small Lot Tentative Map is consistent with the Placer Ranch Large Lot Vesting Tentative Map (PLN15-00283) approved in December 2019 and includes large lots 15-19, 103, 124, and landscape lots. Phase 1A includes seven Villages with lots ranging in size from 4,709 to 18,174 square feet (typical lots are 4,860 to 7,200 square feet). Phase 1A includes a 4.1-acre neighborhood park adjacent to Villages 5 and 6, three pocket parks ranging in size from 0.62 to 0.80 acres, and a 14.79-acre open space area on the western edge of the project.

Placer Ranch Phase 1A also includes construction of backbone infrastructure improvements including new roadways, roadway widening, water and sewer line extensions, and stormwater improvements.

The Phase 1A Villages are located south of the location of the future California State University, Sacramento State Placer Center, on the south side of Sunset Boulevard which would be extended by the applicant, west of Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard, and on the east and west sides of Fiddyment Road south of Sunset Boulevard. The new College Park Drive would connect Sunset Boulevard to Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard. Village One would also connect to the Fiddyment Farm community to the south within the City of Roseville via Grove Hill Way in the southwest corner of the site.

The County is currently processing Phases 1B and 1C of the Placer One project.  The Phase 1B and 1C site is 322.5 acres in the east and southeast portions of the Placer Ranch Specific Plan area. Phase 1C is on the east side of the PRSP, east of the future extension of Foothills Boulevard and south of future Campus Park Boulevard. Phase 1B is west of Phase 1C and south of Sunset Boulevard. A total of 1,024 residential units are proposed.

Below is a link to the environmental documents (EIR) for the Placer Ranch (One) Specific Plan and to other comprehensive planning documents.

Sunset Area Plan & Placer Ranch Specific Plan | Placer County, CA

The developer has indicated that “While we’re doing what we can to minimize impacts on you and your neighbors, we understand that this is a change from what you’re used to and apologize in advance for any temporary nuisance you might experience. Should you have questions about the Placer One community or concerns during construction that we can try to address, please contact us at or 916-625-6410.”

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