Board of Supervisors approve amendment to Bear River Campground Fee Schedule

Published on April 10, 2019

The Placer County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved 3-0, with District 3 Supervisor Jim Holmes absent and District 5 Seat vacant, an amendment to the Bear River Campground fee schedule, in order to help offset operating costs and improve visitor experience through higher-level service.

Bear River Campground is a 192-acre campsite in Colfax operated and maintained by Placer County under a 25-year lease agreement with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, which owns the property.

The campground features 23 individual campsites and one group campsite that can be rented in its entirety or one half of the site at a time.

Under the new schedule, nightly rates to reserve the individual family campsites would increase from $10 to $24. Reservation of the full group camp site would go from $75 to $120, and reservation of ½ of the group site would go from $40 to $80. The new fee schedule will include an $8 non-refundable reservation fee, intended to discourage multiple bookings by the same party. The new fee schedule also includes an increase in daily fees for both individual sites and the group site. The new fee schedule will include an $8 non-refundable reservation fee, consistent with local state and federal campgrounds.

The increased fees are the next step in a process to improve visitor experience that included a new online reservation system launched in 2018. The new online reservation system replaced the old first-come-first-served walk-in system for individual sites and phone-in system for the group site, giving campers assurance of site availability and allowing for greater tracking and accountability.

The new fee schedule is anticipated to generate $70,000 in revenue per year, which can be used to support the cost of the new reservation system and increasing ranger presence. Parks staff is also exploring options to add a full-time camp host during the camping season.

“The new fees are considerably lower than comparable campgrounds in Northern California and will remain below average even after the adjustments,” said Andy Fisher Placer County Parks Division Administrator. “While Placer County is not looking to be enriched off of fees, they were so low in comparison to other local campgrounds that we began witnessing some opportunists taking advantage of the low rates to stay for the wrong reasons. The new rates better reflect the value of this outstandingly beautiful riverfront site and will be injected directly back into the campground to better serve our vacationing guests."

The new fee schedule is set to begin for all reservations placed after June 7. Reservations may be obtained before June 8 at the current rates.

Bear River Campground online reservations are available, here