Placer County now offering a faster plan review program for commercial permitting

Published on January 19, 2018

A new and effective permitting review program is now available in Placer County. The Prequalified Architectural Submittal System, or PASS, is a program that consolidates paperwork submissions for permits, speeding up the approval process for commercial building projects. This streamlined system allows design professionals and building officials to more easily coordinate during the approval process.

“Placer County was very involved in the creation of this program,” said Placer County Building Manager Jeffrey Thomas. “Providing the best possible customer service is very important to us, so we are constantly looking for ways to make project approvals as easy and efficient as possible.'

There are two levels of the PASS program; “PASS TI,” which covers the permit process for tenant improvements and small commercial projects, and “PASS NC,” which covers any size of new commercial or multi-family housing projects. This streamlined system makes it easier for building officials to fast track permits through the building plan review process.

During plan review, submitted documents that are incomplete or do not meet code requirements can be rejected, creating a back-and-forth between the applicant and the building department that can add time and expense to a project. PASS helps eliminate this step by imposing a uniform set of standards for application submissions, ensuring that submissions are complete and consistent.

The PASS program is available for projects in unincorporated Placer County, as well as the cities of Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln.

The PASS program requires a simple training class and passing a simple test through the regional Streamline Institute, and is open to anyone who is the professional of record on a commercial building project. Sign up for the PASS program or call 530-745-3010.

Projects that qualify for the program will be placed in this streamlined plan review process at no additional charge.