Sample ballot pamphlets for June primary election may have assembly issue

Published on May 04, 2018

The Placer County Elections Office announced today that some voters may have an assembly issue in their sample ballot pamphlets for the June 5 statewide direct primary election. The Elections Office has been acting swiftly to identify and respond to the issue.

The Placer County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters began mailing over 220,000 sample ballot pamphlets in 25 ballot types on Tuesday evening, and as of Thursday morning the office had received notification from three voters that they had a stapling error in their sample ballots.

In order to address the issue, management immediately contacted the sample ballot vendor, confirmed the error was not included in those proofed and approved by the office, solicited images from those voters who reported the issue and spent several hours inspecting thousands of sample ballot pamphlets in the vendor’s warehouse.

The Elections Office wants to remind voters that this does not impact their official ballots in any way. Should the issue of the incorrect stapling causing the overlap impact any voters sample ballot pamphlets, they are urged to contact the Elections Office for a replacement. Electronic versions of the sample ballot are available online.

This issue affects the sample ballot pamphlet’s “sample ballot” front page and back page. The center staples may cause an overlap due to an assembly error in folding by the vendor. It does not affect any official ballots, which voters will use in order to vote at the polls or by mail.

For more information, contact the Placer County Elections Office at 530-886-5650 or toll-free in California at 800-824-8683, or visit Placer Elections.