Placer County Conservation PROGRAM

About the Program

The Placer County Conservation Program (PCCP) is a County-proposed solution to coordinate and streamline the permitting process by allowing local entities to issue state and federal permits. The proposed PCCP is a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) under the Federal Endangered Species Act and a Natural Community Conservation Plan (NCCP) under the California Natural Community Conservation Planning Act. As proposed, the PCCP would include the County Aquatic Resources Program (CARP) to issue permits related to the Federal Clean Water Act and the California Fish and Game Code. The CARP component would distinguish the Plan as a nationally unique model of natural resource management. In proposing this streamlined process, both costs and uncertainties would be reduced substantially, thus ensuring a more efficient use of public dollars.

Furthermore, the proposed PCCP is a landscape-level plan so that each project would be issued permits based on how it contributes to the County’s natural, social, and economic health now and in the future.

PCCP Designations Map (PDF)

Program Area & Land Use

The PCCP covers approximately 201,000 acres of Western Placer County. Within the proposed PCCP plan area, 50,000 to 60,000 acres within the available potential acquisition area would become part of a reserve system. This conservation reserve system would preserve many acres of vernal pool habitat (approximately 50% of the County’s remaining stock of these fragile, seasonal ecosystems). This acreage occurs in the unincorporated County and City of Lincoln areas.

The proposed PCCP is designed to ensure that land will be managed to continue to support the survival and well being of the covered species, as well as the survival of hundreds of other species that are dependent on the same habitat. By proactively addressing the long-term conservation and development needs of the County, the proposed PCCP will strengthen local control over land use and provides greater flexibility in meeting the County’s social and economic needs for the future.

For more information on the PCCP, see "A Proposal for Balancing Growth and Resource Protection" (PDF) or visit the PCCP website.

  1. 08/25/20 Board of Supervisors
  2. Final EIS/EIR
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  5. The PCCP

Staff Report - August 25, 2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting