Vote counting concludes for the night in Placer County

Published on June 06, 2018

As vote counting in Placer County concludes for the night, Measure E’s proposed Sierra College bond measure to fund facilities improvements is narrowly on track to surpass a needed 55 percent majority vote with 55.44 percent. Current Placer County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters Ryan Ronco, serving as an appointee, leads that race with 75 percent of the vote, needing 50 percent plus one to secure his election. And Bonnie Gore has a 62-38 lead in the race for District 1 supervisor.

Other Placer elected officials - including District 2 Supervisor Robert Weygandt, Sheriff Devon Bell, District Attorney Scott Owens, Treasurer-Tax Collector Jenine Windeshausen, Assessor Kristen Spears and Auditor-Controller Andy Sisk - won election or reelection in unopposed races.

This evening’s final Placer County vote count includes more than 35,000 mail-in and early voting ballots received before the polls closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday, and more than 23,500 ballots cast at Placer’s polling sites.

The latest vote count is posted on Placer County’s elections website.

Final, certified results - including provisional ballots needing verification and eligible mail-in ballots not yet received - will be posted within 30 days. Jurisdictions have up to 30 days to complete a post-election audit called a canvass.

During the canvass, absentee and provisional ballots not counted on election night are researched to confirm eligibility. The ballots cast in one randomly-selected precinct in each of the five county supervisorial districts are manually tallied and compared against the computer counts to verify the accuracy of the election tally system. Election officials are also responsible for preparing the county’s official ballot statement, listing the exact number of voted ballots, unused ballots, spoiled ballots, roster signatures and more. The canvass concludes with the certification and issuance of official election results.