Rocklin Man Sentenced To Life Without The Possibility of Parole For The Murder of His Father

May 10, 2017

R. Scott Owens

District Attorney

10810 Justice Center Drive, Suite 240
Roseville, California 95678


For Immediate Release
May 10th, 2017

Contact: Jeff Wilson, Assistant District Attorney


Robert Carlo Yandolino, 28, of Rocklin was sentenced today in the conviction of the shooting death of his father, Carlo Alexander Yandolino, on May 14th, 2015. In addition to Robert Yandolino being found guilty of First Degree Murder with special circumstances of Lying In Wait and Murder for Financial Gain, he was also convicted of the Attempted Murder of the Ranch Manager and friend of Carlo Yandolino who witnessed the murder; and of several charges stemming from multiple incidences of domestic abuse with his previous live-in girlfriend.

At the sentencing hearing, the victim’s wife, Rebecca McGuire, encouraged the court to sentence Robert Yandolino to the maximum sentence stating “Carlo is not just another murder victim. He is a son, husband, father, brother, uncle, a friend who is greatly loved. Nothing has been the same since his life was ripped away in an instant; stolen from him and us.” In her statement to the Court Rebecca expressed the toll the loss of her husband has taken on her, “Daily I question how to proceed with the life that I am left. The tasks ahead for me without Carlo by my side are overwhelmingly daunting. The burden of living with the terror and realization I will not awaken from this nightmare requires every ounce of strength of my being.”

The Assistant District Attorney Jeff Wilson and Deputy District Attorney Jaime Smith, who prosecuted Robert Yandolino, were both present for the sentencing. At the hearing Assistant District Attorney Jeff Wilson argued for the maximum sentence stating, “The fact that justice was achieved for Carlo Yandolino not does not take away the pain caused by his son. While Carlo likely never realized what happened to him or felt any pain from this savage attack the family and friends of Carlo will feel it for the rest of their lives. When you throw a rock in the pond like the defendant did when he murdered his father that rock just does not sink to the bottom. It creates ripples. And in this case those ripples are substantial and enduring in the lives of those who loved Carlo. Robert has forever changed the lives of Tyler, Oscar and, most of all, his step-mother Rebecca. I hope that Robert will feel those ripples every day for the rest of his life from his prison cell.”

The Honorable Jeffrey Penny sentenced Yandolino to life without the possibility of parole. The Judge further sentenced the defendant to an additional 25 years to life for the use of a firearm in the murder. In addition, the Judge imposed an additional term of 9 years for the attempted murder of the ranch manager and 20 years for the discharge of a firearm during the commission of the attempted murder. He also imposed an additional 3 years for one count of domestic abuse and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon on Yandolino’s previous girlfriend. Yandolino received an additional two years on his conviction of attempting to dissuade his previous girlfriend as a witness in the case. In sum, Robert Yandolino was sentenced to life without parole, plus 25 years to life for the murder of Carlo Yandolino, and an additional 34 years for the crimes against the ranch manager and his previous girlfriend.