Sustain Placer


Placer County is seeking public input on the County's first Draft Sustainability Plan. Click here to view the draft document, technical studies, and associated material.


From the days of the Gold Rush to now, we in Placer County have a long tradition of self-sufficiency. We have sustained ourselves and cared for our families by rising to meet the daily challenges of Gold Country, working hard to live off the land, and prudently preserving our natural resources to provide healthy air and water for our families.

Historical Map of Placer County

Today, we are continuing our Placer County tradition by facing the issue of our changing climate head-on. While some groups in our community may be more concerned about damage to the climate than others, we can all agree that health, safety, and economic opportunity for our loved ones is what matters most. Through this challenge, we have an opportunity to create stronger communities in our County.

Effects of Climate Change

Placer County is already seeing the effects from damage to our climate. For example, the record-breaking California drought weakened our trees and caused unprecedented bark beetle infestations. Together, the drought and infestations caused the death of over 102 million trees throughout California.

Aerial Photo of Trees Demonstrating Tree Mortality

This incredible increase in tree mortality led the Governor to proclaim a State of Emergency. Dry, dead trees can pose many hazards, especially in Placer County where over one-third of our land is National Forest area. Dead and dying trees can fall and burn more easily, creating potentially dangerous situations for our communities.

Sustainability Plan Commitments

As part of Placer County's commitment to a healthy, safe, and prosperous future for its residents, the county is preparing a Sustainability Plan. This Plan will:

  • Identify key sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within the unincorporated county.
  • Provide a strategy of goals, policies, actions, and projects to reduce GHG emissions and assist statewide goals.
  • Establish a plan to help residents adapt to the effects of changing climate conditions.

This plan is intended to reflect a vision, goals, and actions consistent with Placer County values and continue the commitment to sustain Placer County's quality of life for generations to come.