• Biomass Fuel Procurement Plan for the Lake Tahoe Basin Biomass Energy Generation Facility (PDF) - This report assessed the long-term sustainable availability of biomass that could supply a biomass energy facility.
  • Logistics Study of a Biomass Facility for the Lake Tahoe Region (PDF) - This report was undertaken to define the logistics requirements for supporting a biomass energy facility in the Lake Tahoe Region. The objective of the study was to determine the feasibility of harvesting, processing, processing and storage of biomass material necessary to operate the energy facility.
  • Analysis of Public Health Risks Associated with Operation of a Biomass Power Plant  (PDF) - This report analyzed public health risks associated with operation of a biomass to energy facility. The primary objective was to quantify public health risks from exposure to any toxic air pollutants that might be released during facility operation and from ancillary equipment such as trucks, loaders and other equipment located at the facility or at projects that produced the biomass to be used at the facility.
  • Health Impact Assessment (PDF) - The Health Impact Assessment (HIA), performed by the Sequoia Foundation in collaboration with the Placer County Departments of Planning and Health and Human Services with technical support from the California Department of Public Health was a year-long process to assess the potential health effects related to the proposed biomass energy facility.
  • Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment - Federal funds were used to complete the documentation of the environmental effects of constructing a biomass energy facility at Cabin Creek; therefore, an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was needed to satisfy California Environmental Quality Act requirements and an Environmental Assessment was needed to satisfy National Environmental Policy Act requirements.
  • Air/Water Emissions and Carbon Credits/Emissions Offsets Report (PDF) - This report examined potential air/water emissions and carbon credits/emission offsets associated with a 1 to 3 megawatt woody biomass fueled bio-energy facility in the Lake Tahoe Region.
  • Assessment of Small-Scale Biomass Combined Heat and Power Technologies for Deployment in the Lake Tahoe Basin - This report was conducted to evaluate existing biomass energy technologies that produce electrical power and heat from biomass materials with air emissions low enough to be permitted. The report evaluated both direct combustion and gasification systems.
  • Architect’s Depiction of Cabin Creek Facility
  • Lake Tahoe Region Biomass Energy Facility Technology Integration and Preliminary Design Project - This report was the result of an United States Forest Service Woody Biomass $150,000 grant which provides a preliminary site and building design integrating the chose technology, used to serve as the project footprint to allow for environmental and agency permitting approvals to move forward. An intermediate design and integration plan which support preliminary cost estimates and will serve to allow stakeholders an opportunity to perform a "constructability" review. All details and integration issues can be used to complete a final design phase to bring the project to the bid and construction stage.