Tahoe Basin Area Plan - Tahoe City Lodge

The Tahoe Basin Area Plan documents posted on this page were adopted by the Placer County Board of Supervisors on December 6, 2016 and contain all revisions since the November 4, 2016 of the documents.

Notice of Availability of Final Environmental Impact Report (PDF)

The Final Environmental Impact Report is also available on the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency website.

Project Description

The proposed Area Plan is a Placer County-initiated update to its land use regulations that apply in the Tahoe Basin. It would update the existing community plans, general plans, plan area statements, maps, and regulations in the Placer County portion of the Tahoe Basin and is being developed to implement the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Regional Plan. Proposed amendments to existing plans, maps, and regulations are primarily focused within the TRPA-designated town centers in Tahoe City and Kings Beach. The proposed Area Plan contemplates one near-term redevelopment project, the Tahoe City Lodge, and one environmental redevelopment design concept, the Kings Beach Center, both identified as opportunities to incentivize and facilitate redevelopment in these areas. The Kings Beach Center design concept is a conceptual mixed-use redevelopment design on parcels owned by Placer County.

The Tahoe City Lodge would redevelop an existing commercial complex into a 118-unit lodge that would include a mix of hotel rooms and 1- and 2-bedroom suites, hotel amenities, and parking, as well as redevelopment of the existing clubhouse building and new shared-use parking at the Tahoe City Golf Course.

The proposed Area Plan is intended to implement and conform to the TRPA Regional Plan and the TRPA/Tahoe Metropolitan Planning Organization Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy, adopted on December 12, 2012, effective February 9, 2013. The Area Plan would satisfy California’s comprehensive long-term general plan requirements, and would serve as the General Plan for the Tahoe Basin portion of Placer County (California Government Code Section 65300).

Environmental Impact Report Documents

  1. 2023 Addendum
  2. Errata
  3. Final Report
  4. Tahoe Basin Area Plan
  5. Implementing Guidelines
  6. Draft Report
  7. Draft Tahoe Basin Area Plan
  8. Notice of Preparation (NOP)
  9. NOP Revised Comments