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You must complete a minimum of an 8-hour course for a new Carry Concealed Weapons (CCW) and a 4-hour course for a renewal. Instruction must be from an instructor from our approved list. You must qualify with each weapon on your license. If you want to add or remove weapons from your license, a qualification is required for all (not to exceed three) weapons you want on the license.

You may take the CCW class prior to receiving written notification of passing the background process; however, this shall be at your own risk in case your CCW is denied. If denied a CCW, neither Placer County Sheriff's Office nor the training vendor are responsible for costs. The training certificate you receive at the completion of your course is valid for 3 months from date of issuance; this time may be extended if the background takes longer than 3 months through no fault of your own.

Approved Instructors

View the list of approved instructors.