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Owner Builder Information

Beginning January 10, 2022 a Technology Surcharge Fee will be added to all permits.

 *Fee is 3.5% of the total permit fee with a cap of $400

PLEASE NOTE: If your application and submittal package is deemed incomplete, it may be returned. Read More…

PDF Applications & Forms

Limited Review Permits

Apply for Limited Review Permits using Placer County's Online Permits Portal (minor solar, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical).

Swimming Pool Safety Information

For swimming pool safety information, please refer to the Pool Safely website (website maintained by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission).

Energy Forms - Non HERS

Access Non HERS Energy Forms by visiting the Energy Code Ace

Determine Open Conditions of Approval

To determine your Open Conditions of Approval, access Placer County's Online Permits Portal.