Computer Acceptable Use Policy

Policies For Patron Use of Computer Workstations and Wireless Access (WiFi)

  1. Computer workstations are available during library open hours. Computers will shut down 5 minutes before closing.
  2. The user must have a Placer County Library card in good standing.
  3. There are no age restrictions on the use of computer workstations or the Internet. Parents are responsible for supervising their children's computer use.
  4. Procedures for reservations and length of usage vary from library to library. Each library posts its own procedures. Generally, workstations can be reserved for one-hour use. If the scheduled user is more than ten minutes late, the workstation will be made available to other users.
  5. Staff may dedicate some workstations for specific clients (e.g, children)
  6. Where the computer workstation is appropriately configured users may download saved materials to storage media. Staff is not available to resolve downloading technical issues.
  7. Printing cost is 15 cents per page.
  8. Computer workstation use privileges may be revoked if the patron misuses the hardware or software.
  9. Computer workstation and WiFi users are subject to the Library’s Rules of Conduct regarding their use of computers, including the following:
    Failure to comply with a reasonable staff request
    Any activity that violates Federal, State, or local laws
    Engaging in behaviors or activities that are disruptive to the use of the Library by other customers

Approved by the Placer County Library Advisory Board, March 16, 2011. Download a copy of these polices (PDF).