Investigation & Resolution of Air Pollution Complaints

The District investigates and resolves all situations where air pollution may be creating adverse environmental and health impacts. In an effort to identify cost-effective options, the District utilizes Supplement Environmental Projects (SEPs) and compliance agreements as alternatives to gaining compliance through monetary penalties.


  • Provide a fair and consistent regulatory environment to prevent competitive disadvantage among businesses in Placer County and the region
  • Form strategic alliances with other Air Districts and agencies to develop technical resources and gain needed assistance
  • Identify cost-effective pollution reduction options for greenhouse gases (GHGs) and other criteria pollutant emissions
  • Provide alternative compliance agreements to gaining compliance to reduce financial burden on businesses
  • Partner with other agencies to assist in field response and investigations

District Goal Achievement

  • Goal 1: Achieve and maintain air quality standards for public health and environmental protection
  • Goal 3: Enhance public and community relations and Promote Environmental Justice