Compliance & Enforcement Sustainability

The Compliance and Enforcement Section is responsible for ensuring compliance with stationary and portable permits, District rules and regulations, and applicable state and federal air pollution laws. The District investigates and resolves all situations where air pollution may be creating adverse environmental and health impacts. In an effort to identify cost-effective options, the District utilizes Supplement Environmental Projects (SEPs) and compliance agreements as alternatives to gaining compliance through monetary penalties.


Ensure that all communities and persons in Placer County can live and work in a safe and healthful environment through enforcement of all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

The Compliance & Enforcement Sustainable Goals

The Compliance and Enforcement Section strives to provide a safe and healthy environment for Placer County residents, workers, and visitors.

  • Reduce air pollutant emissions through ensuring compliance with District, State, and Federal air pollution regulations
  • Identify cost-effective pollution reduction options for greenhouse gases (GHGs) and other criteria pollutant emissions
  • Assist with compliance with the California Greenhouse Gas program
  • Provide a fair and consistent regulatory environment to prevent competitive disadvantage among businesses in Placer County and the region
  • Partner with other local agencies to assist in field response and investigations
  • Form strategic alliances with other Air Districts and agencies to develop technical resources and gain needed assistance
  • Provide alternative compliance agreements to gaining compliance to reduce financial burden on businesses
  • Assist businesses in achieving compliance to avoid the need for federal or state enforcement of air quality regulations