Optimize Operational & Maintenance Practices

Use of Contract and Extra-Help Staff


  • Reduces vehicle emissions
  • Reduces staff hours for travel time
  • Improves public relations

Establishment of Policies for Equipment Use & Reduced Use of Natural Resources


  • Reduces paper usage and waste
  • Reduces printer ink
  • Reduces waste by recycling of batteries and ink cartridges
  • Saves costs associated with waste

Encouragement of Best Management Practices


  • Reduces waste of unnecessary water bottles with added water filtration system
  • Reduces waste, while encouraging recycling of aluminum and other acceptable recyclable material

District Goal Achievement

  • Goal 1: Achieve and maintain air quality standards for public health and environmental protection
  • Goal 2: Promote climate action/energy conservation strategies
  • Goal 3: Enhance public and community relations and Promote Environmental Justice