Minimize Non-Renewable Energy Consumption

Installation of a 29 Kilowatt Solar Photovoltaic System


  • Produces renewable electrical energy without any air emissions
  • Displaces electrical energy that would normally come from a power plant
  • Produces energy during the peak utility demand time of hot summer afternoons
  • Long life - typically greater than 25 years

Lighting Fixture Upgrades

Upgrades include control panel heating and cooling controls and upgrade of all plug load occupancy units with motion sensor devices.


  • Reduces electricity consumption

Installation of an Advanced Hybrid Water Heating System


  • Endless hot water without water pressure drop
  • Up to 98% efficiency saves costs, 0.96EF exceeds Energy Star, and qualifies for available and/or local utility rebates
  • Ultra low emissions leaves almost no carbon footprint
  • Easy integration with recirculation and no startup lag eliminates cold water sandwich
  • Industry’s best 15 year residential/ five year commercial heat exchanger no leak warranty

Attic and Ceiling Insulation Upgraded from R19 to R39


  • Exceed Energy Star recommended R standards by 9 points
  • Meets Energy Star recommended R standards for attic insulation
  • Conserves energy by reducing heat loss or gain
  • Conserves energy while keeping interior spaces warmer in winter and cooler in summer

HVAC Units Consisting of 4 Efficient Units with Economizers & R8 Ducting


Benefits of Rooftop Gas Heating/Electric Cooling upgrade:

  • Efficiency performance achieves up to 15.6 SEER/ Up to 12.5 EER / Up to 13.0 IEER / Up to 82% AFUE
  • Energy compliant and Energy Star Certified

Benefits of Installation of Economizers:

  • Reduces energy consumption by measuring the air quality to determine the most energy-efficient way to condition the air
  • Improves inside air quality by filtering out particles from the air, such as dust and pollen

Benefits of upgrading ducting installation from R6 to R8:

  • Reduces energy loss by approximately 2%, which is equivalent to consuming 3% less energy

District Goal Achievement

  • Goal 1: Achieve and maintain air quality standards for public health and environmental protection
  • Goal 2: Promote climate action/energy conservation strategies