The Environmental Engineering and Utilities Divisions provide support related to the design, operation and maintenance of the County’s public water systems in the community of Sheridan and at the Eastern Regional Landfill.

Sustainable Groundwater Management

Placer County is part of the West Placer Groundwater Sustainability Agency, a multi-agency group aimed to implement the Sustainability Groundwater Management Act.

Placer County, along with the cities of Roseville and Lincoln, Placer County Water AgencyNevada Irrigation District and in participation with the California American Water Company, will manage portions of the North American groundwater basin (PDF) and implement activities that preserve and enhance the current state of the resource for our communities, agriculture and the environment. This will involve the development of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan by 2022.

Additional Information or Updates

For more information or to receive updates on these efforts, visit the West Placer Groundwater Sustainability Agency website.

Statewide Emergency Water Conservation

Learn more about the importance of water conservation at Save Our Water.