Record Keeping for Auto Refinishers

All auto-body refinishers are required to maintain detailed coating and solvent usage records and material data sheets. Permitted automotive refinishers are requested to maintain charts or lists comparing all coatings and solvents for which limits have been established in Rule 234, Automotive Refinishing Operations (PDF) to the associated Rule limit. In addition, shops must keep and maintain other logs, records, and material data sheets that record material usage and the VOC content of coating products. Automotive refinishers that are exempt from District permitting due to low coating volume (i.e. less than 1 gallon of coating per day) are required to keep records to maintain the exemption. The exemption form from permitting (PDF) is available.

Records documenting compliance be kept in the formats provided here, or in equivalent alternative summary formats that provide the information that is required by Rule 234. If the required information is not kept in the manner prescribed by Rule 234, this is a violation of the rule. Record keeping is not an end in itself - operators cannot maintain compliance with Rule 234 limitations without knowing the VOC information that is the subject of the record keeping, and furthermore compliance cannot be demonstrated to the District without these records. This request is made pursuant to Section 500, Monitoring and Records, of Rule 234, Automotive Refinishing Operations, and pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 42303, Information Disclosure.

Required Records

Rule 234, Automotive Refinishing Operations, requires operators of facilities subject to the Rule to maintain a current listing of all as-applied VOC containing materials in use at the facility. In addition, current coating technical data sheets, which list the VOC content of each material, are required to be available for review on site. A record of the total facility VOC emissions is also required on a monthly basis. The rule also requires that any person using precoat shall verify compliance with Section 307 by retaining purchase invoices and records of applied volume of precoat on a monthly basis.

To aid complying with Rule 234, we are providing the following three forms:

The "monthly usage log" form was corrected on September 19, 2005. The "precoat/primer" ratio limit has been corrected from 5% to 25%; and the "specialty coating/all coating" ratio limit has been corrected from 25% to 5%.

Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets are required for each VOC containing material used and listed on a Product Lists. Technical data sheets must include the VOC content “As Applied Without Water and Exempt Solvents,” as well as “As Applied With Water and Exempt Solvents.” The VOC content “As Applied Without Water and Exempt Solvents” is required for determining compliance with rule limits. Whereas the VOC content “As Applied With Water and Exempt Solvents” is required to calculate monthly VOC emissions.

All required records must be retained for at least 3 years and are to be made available to the District’s inspector upon request.


If you have questions concerning recordkeeping requirements for Automotive Refinishing you may contact John Finnell, Senior Engineer at 530-745-2324. Permitted facilities may request a compliance consultation meeting to informally review your record keeping practices.