Fee Schedule

Our office has expanded into south Placer!

Recording Fees

Basic Recording Requirements Page

Fees for Each Document

First page (8.5 inches by 11 inches)$14
Each additional page$3
Non-conforming fee for each page of entire document$3
Multiple title documents - Each additional title$14

Additional Mandatory Fee

Indexing Fees

Each additional document reference$1
Each additional group of 10 names$1

Miscellaneous Fees

Penalty print per page$1
Military Records (DD214)No Fee
Release of State Liens $20
Release of Federal Liens$14
Notification fee per name$6
Preliminary 20 day notice$54
Maps - first page$8
Each additional page$3

Documentary Transfer Tax Fees

Transfer Tax55 cents per each $500 or portion thereof
Documents recorded without Preliminary Change of Ownership Report $20

Copies & Certified Copies

Official Record Fees

Official Records, first page$2
Each additional page$1
Certification of Official Record$2

Vital Records

Pursuant to H&S Code 103650 and GC 27369, a Certificate of No Record will be issued for any vital record that we do a search for and do not find. The fee for the search is to be paid in advance of the search and is to be the same as the fee for the record.

Type of DocumentFee
Birth Certificate$32
Birth Certificate Government Rate$22
Birth Certificate/Certificate of No Record Rate$30
Death Certificate$24
Death Certificate Government Rate$24
Death Certificate/Certificate of No Record Rate$23
Fetal Death Certificate$21
Marriage Certificate$17
Marriage Certificate Government Rate$12
Public Marriage Certificate of No Record Rate$16
Confidential Marriage Certificate$22
Confidential Marriage Certificate of No Record Rate$21

Map Records

Type of DocumentFee
11-inch by 17-inch photo copy, first page$2
Each additional page$1
18-inch by 26-inch photo copy of map$2.50
Each additional page$1.50

Delivery Fee

Type of DeliveryFee
Fax/Email (Flat Rate)$4.25

Fictitious Business Name

Filing or Renewal of a Fictitious Business Name Statement, Including One Certified Copy

One fictitious name$30
Each additional name$5.50
Additional certified copy$2
Statement of Abandonment or Statement of Withdrawal$30

Fictitious Business Name Page

Admitted Surety Insurer Fees

Filing a Power of Attorney of Revocation for an Admitted Surety Insurer

One name
Each additional name$6
Filing financial statement
Issuing Certificate

Notary Bond Fees

Registration fee for Notary authorization of confidential marriage
Filing notary bond$25
Recording fee of notary bond only$14
Each additional page$3

Passport Book & Passport Card Processing Fees

Type of FeeFee Amount
Recorder Processing Fee$35
U.S. Department of State Passport Book Fee (age 16 and over)$130
U.S. Department of State Passport Book Fee (under age 16)$100
U.S. Department of State Passport Card Fee (age 16 and over)$30
U.S. Department of State Passport Card Fee (under age 16)$15
U.S. Department of State Expedite Processing Fee$60
U.S. Department of State Express Mailing Fee$18.32
Passport Photos (subject to sales tax of 7.25%)$7.78

Passport Information Page

Marriage & Weddings

Marriage Licensing & Services Fees

Issuing a public marriage license$57
Issuing a confidential license$60
Issuing a duplicate license$28
Civil ceremony in our office$40
Deputy marriage commissioner for a day$40

Marriage Licenses Information Page

Wedding Services Fees

Wedding Ceremony on DVD
Each Additional DVD$18.50
Wedding Photo
Each Additional Wedding Photo$3.50
Vows Keepsake$6
Wedding Keepsake
Wedding Bouquets
Wedding Boutonnieres$4.65
Wedding Rings - Sterling Silver or Titanium $20.75
Wedding Rings - Stainless Steel

These Wedding Services are subject to sales tax of 7.25%.

Registration Fees

Legal Document Assistant Registration
$182 (plus bond recording fee)
Professional Photocopier Registration
Or, if also a Registered Process Server
$182 (plus bond recording fee)
$117 (plus bond recording fee)
Process Server Registration
$117 (plus bond recording fee)
Unlawful Detainer Assistant Registration
$182 (plus bond recording fee)
Additional ID cards (each)
Humane Officer Registration$5

Certification Fees

Certification TypeFee
Certification of Notary Public$10
Certification of Health Officer
Certification of Translator

Fish & Wildlife Filing Fees

Filing TypeFee
Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration$2,916.75 (plus $50 County Clerk Processing Fee)
Environmental Impact Report$4,051.25 (plus $50 County Clerk Processing Fee)
Environmental Document CRP$1,377.25 (plus $50 County Clerk Processing Fee)
Exemptions and No Effect DeterminationsNot subject to environmental filing fee. $50 County Clerk Processing Fee applies.