Non-Agricultural Burning

All Non-Agricultural Burning requires an Air Pollution Control District (APCD) year-round burn permit from the Placer County Air Pollution Control District. The payment of all applicable permit fees is required for a permit to be valid. Burn permits can be obtained at the District office. Placer County administers the county’s burn program as provided for in the California Health and Safety Code. Smoke Management Burning rules can be found in the District’s Regulation 3: Open Burning 

Before burning, contact your local fire agency to find out their requirements, including fire agency burn permits. Air Pollution requirements restrict burning to dry vegetation, excluding lawn-clippings, grown on the property where the burning is done.

Preventing Smoke Nuisances

All outdoor burning must be conducted in such a way as to prevent the smoke from creating a smoke nuisance. Burning wet materials or burning in large quantities produces smoke that lingers and can offend people in addition to significantly affecting air quality. Burning during daylight hours is suggested - thus allowing sunlight to heat the ground surface, evaporate morning dew and allow smoke to lift, mix, and disperse.

Land Development Burning

The use of open outdoor fires for the disposal of vegetative material (woodwaste) grown on property being developed for commercial or residential purposes. Woodwaste greater than 12 inches in diameter, with the exception of stumps shall not be included in the burn. Stumps greater than 12 inches in diameter at the cut shall not be included in the burn unless split at least in half and free of dirt. All vegetation must be dried at least 6 weeks prior to burning.

Right of Way Clearing & Levee, Ditch & Maintenance Burning

The use of open outdoor fires for the disposal of vegetative material and woodwaste debris for right-of-way clearing by a public entity or for levee, ditch or reservoir maintenance.

Hazard Reduction Burning

Burning to reduce a fire hazard or health hazard, which will have an imminent effect on life and property as determined by a Public Officer with jurisdiction. Burning to dispose of brush cuttings on the property where the brush was grown when the cuttings resulted from brush clearance done in compliance with local ordinances to reduce fire hazard.

Recreation Open Fires

The use of open outdoor fires for recreational purposes or for the cooking of food for human consumption includes campfires and bonfires as well as fires in fire pits and fire bowls and similar free-standing devices. A recreational or cooking fire cannot be used for waste disposal purposes. Only dry vegetation, firewood, firelogs and clean, unpainted, untreated lumber can be burned.

Additional Information

Please contact the Placer County Air Pollution Control District at 530-745-2330 if you would like additional information concerning air pollution open burning requirements. It is our belief that having a public that is knowledgeable about both APCD and local fire agencies burning requirements will aid the general welfare of everyone by improving air quality and preventing hazardous burning.