FEMA Floodplain Mapping

About the Project

  • The Flood Control and Water Conservation District is collaborating with FEMA through the Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP) Program in order to maintain up-to-date floodplain mapping and other flood hazard information within Placer County. The main objective of the program is to provide new or improved 1 percent annual chance floodplain, or 100-year, mapping of major creeks within developing areas of the County.
  • Through three CTP efforts, over 120 miles of new or updated mapping will be provided in urbanized areas of the County.
  • The creeks to be studied were prioritized through the District Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consisting of member agency staff that identified the need for new or updated areas of floodplain mapping.
  • The District often leads the initial hydrologic studies which serve as the basis for the updated or new mapping produced separately by FEMA’s mapping contractors.
  • District staff have been providing regular updates regarding the CTP process to the District Board and cooperating member agencies at public Board of Director meetings.


Contact the Project Manager 

Contact Brad Brewer for more information.

Contact District Member Agencies with Mapping Questions

Area Email Phone
Auburn Email Chris Ciardella
530-823-4211, ext. 142
Lincoln Email Ronald Neufeld
Loomis Email Tom Ruark 916-824-1518
Placer County
Email Mary Keller
Rocklin Email Keith Jukes 916-625-5511
Roseville Email Brian Walker