Film Permits

The film permit application and information about permit and bridge regulations are available in printable formats.
Important: Reading PDF formatted files requires the Adobe Reader.

County Permit and Regulations

For more information please contact the Film Office at 530-889-4091 or email Beverly Lewis.

Tahoe Production Planning

Everything around the lake is owned by someone or some entity. Determining who owns what and what permits you may need can be a challenge. Please contact our office to expedite these matters. All the communities in the Lake Tahoe basin that are in Placer County are unincorporated areas – which means that you would more than likely need to obtain our county film permit (free). However, there are many state and federals lands at the lake and they have their own film permit regulations and requirements. Our office can point you in the right direction.

City Permits 

We can help determine if you will need a film permit in one of the following incorporated cities in Placer County. For communities in the Lake Tahoe and High Sierra area please check with our office about film permits.

  1. City of Auburn
  2. City of Colfax
  3. City of Lincoln
  4. Town of Loomis
  5. City of Rocklin
  6. City of Roseville
City of Auburn
1225 Lincoln Way
Auburn, CA 95603            
Phone: 530-823-4211, ext. 140            
Fax: 530-885-5508
Link: City of Auburn Website