Tahoe Pedestrian Safety Program

The North Lake Tahoe Pedestrian Safety Program began in 2008 and included the installation of high visibility crosswalk markers at key pedestrian crosswalks along North Lake Boulevard (SR28) from Kings Beach to Tahoe City. The markers aided drivers by allowing them to clearly identify pedestrian crosswalks from a safe distance, allowing them enough time to slow and stop as necessary for pedestrians.

Eight radar feedback signs were installed in heavy pedestrian-use corridors along Highways 28 and 89. These signs give drivers a reading of their actual speed as compared to the speed limit, encouraging them to safe maintain speeds.


$43,700 in Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) funding has been allocated the Pedestrian Safety Program to date for installation and maintenance of the markers and signs. Placer County continues to look for ways that pedestrian safety can be improved in North Lake Tahoe and expects to invest future TOT funds to pedestrian safety programs.