Assigned Counsel - Indigent Defense

Indigent Criminal Defense Assigned Counsel & Other Experts Program

When a Placer County’s contracted primary Public Defender and first and second level conflict firms must declare a legal conflict of interest, the Assigned Counsel Program establishes a process which enables the Superior Court to access and appoint an attorney from a list of interested pre-qualified attorneys to provide defense services. Attorneys who wish to participate in the Assigned Counsel Program are asked to submit a resume of experience with their area of specialty including their State Bar Number. Resumes and any pertinent documentation should be sent to the:
Superior Court
P.O. Box 619072
Roseville, CA 95661-9072

Applications are then reviewed by the Presiding Judge and other members of the Bench. Those accepted as an Assigned Counsel Program attorney will be notified by telephone. Attorneys will be appointed at one of four class levels pursuant to the Superior Court of California, Placer County Local Rules (Rule 60.1). For additional information regarding appointment to the Assigned Counsel Program, please contact the Superior Court at 916-408-6186.

Federal & State Forms

Once appointed, the attorney must complete an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) form W-9 and a State CA-590 form to the:
Placer County Auditor-Controller
2970 Richardson Drive
Auburn, CA 95603

Submitting the form W-9 and CA-590 is required only once to establish the attorney as a vendor doing business with Placer County.

Payment Voucher

To receive payment for services on a case-by-case basis through the Placer County Assigned Counsel Program, the attorney must complete a Payment Voucher (PDF). Complete instructions and procedures regarding payment are included in the document. The Court reviews and approves all attorney claims prior to submitting to Placer County, the responsible agency for payment of qualified Indigent Defense expenditures.

Additional Information

For more information regarding forms and payment, review our policies and procedures document (PDF). If you have questions, please contact the Assigned Counsel, Indigent Defense staff with the County Executive Office at 530-889-4030.

Attorneys who participate in the Assigned Counsel Program perform an important and necessary role in the legal system. Placer County officials, the Superior Court of California, Placer County, and its citizens appreciate their efforts.