Wood Burning Appliances Frequently Asked Questions

What are the emission requirements for wood burning appliances in Placer County?

As of 2012, all installed wood burning appliances must meet the EPA Phase II Certification standard for particulate matter, which is 7.5 g/hr. All appliances which are certified by the EPA are required to advertise their certification at point of retail sale, on the appliance itself, and are included in the EPA’s list of certified wood appliances found at this link: https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2017-08/usepa-certified-wood-heater-list.xlsx

What types of appliances are subject to the emission requirements of Rule 225, Wood Burning Appliances?

Indoor and outdoor wood burning stoves, fireplaces, inserts, hydronic heaters, and residential wood fired boilers. 

What types of appliances are not subject to the emission requirements of Rule 225?

Wood burning campfire rings, chimoneas®, non-permanent outdoor fire pits, pizza ovens, cook stoves, pellet stoves, and masonry heaters. Also, gas and alcohol burning appliances are not subject to Rule 225. 

What are EPA Certified Exempt appliances and are they allow to be installed?

Certified Exempt appliances are typically large stoves or low mass fireplaces which are not able to be tested according to the EPA’s protocol and therefore have been exempted from meeting the EPA Phase II standard. This exemption does not mean that they meet the Phase II standard and in most cases Certified Exempt appliances exceed the standard. In the case of Certified Exempt appliances, contact the APCD for a case by case approval prior to installation. 

What is the difference between EPA Phase II Certified and EPA Phase II Qualified and are EPA Qualified appliances okay to install in Placer County?

EPA Phase II Certified appliances include wood stoves, inserts, and zero clearance fire places which are tested and certified to the EPA’s Phase II certification standard of 7.5 g/hr. EPA Phase II Qualified appliances are fireplaces which are certified to be cleaner burning than a conventional fireplace by 70%. This does not mean however that a Qualified fireplace meets the 7.5 g/hr standard, simply that it is cleaner burning than its conventional counterpart. The APCD is not aware of any EPA Phase II Qualified fireplaces which also meet the 7.5 g/hr emission rating at this time so please contact the APCD for case by case approval prior to installing.

Where can I find a complete online copy of Rule 225?

Rule 225 can be found here.

May I contact the APCD if I have a question about wood burning appliances?

Yes, you can contact the APCD at (530) 745-2330, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. Also, information about all of the APCD’s wood burning appliance programs and requirements can be found on the APCD’s webpage by clicking here.