Clean Air Grant Program – Program Changes coming in 2018

Beginning in 2018, the District’s Clean Air Grant (CAG) Program will be incorporating an additional funding source!  This means that the amount of budgeted grant funds will increase by at least a half million dollars annually.  Due to the requirements of the funds (Carl Moyer Funds) and the schedule upon which the District receives them, the application submittal period for 2018 is expected to begin in April and will remain open until all funds are exhausted.  See the table below for some of the primary changes to the District’s annual CAG program.

Past CAG Years

2018 and Future CAG Year

Program funding derived from local funds (AB 923 funds and land use mitigation funds)

Program funding derived from local and State funds (AB 923 and Carl Moyer funds)

Mobile source and non-mobile source type projects eligible for funding

Only mobile source (plus infrastructure) type projects are eligible funding

Application submittal period from January to February

Application submittal period begins in April and will not close until all funds expended

Projects are evaluated all at once (March) and are funded on a competitive basis

Projects are evaluated and funded on a first come first serve basis (unless otherwise noted)

Projects not fully subject to the Carl Moyer Guidelines

Projects fully subject to the Carl Moyer Guidelines


Eligible Project Types in the 2018 CAG Program

(Applicants must meet all of the compliance requirements of applicable regulations prior to project submittal.)

  1. On-Road Heavy Duty Vehicle Replacements, Repowers, and Retrofits Eligible fleets and vehicles include:
    • Public Fleets
    • Solid Waste Collection Vehicles
    • Emergency Vehicles
    • School Buses
    • Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks
  2. Off-Road Diesel and Large Spark Ignited Equipment great than 25 HP Replacements, Repowers, and Retrofits
  3. Locomotives
  4. Marine Vessels
  5. Alternative Fueling Infrastructure, including natural gas, hydrogen, and electric (non-residential only)

Revisions to the District’s CAG program guidelines are currently being made, in order to be consistent with the 2017 Carl Moyer guidelines. District staff will update this page when new information becomes available however it is important to note that the primary scope and intent of the program will remain the same and that the majority of previous eligible project types will see minimal impacts by these changes. 

The 2017 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines can be found here.