Board of directors

Jim Holmes, Supervisor District 3 - Chair 2017 Robert Weygandt, Supervisor District 2
Stan Nader, City of Lincoln Jennifer Montgomery, Supervisor District 5
Greg Janda, City of Rocklin - Vice Chair 2017 Scott Alvord, City of Roseville
Daniel Berlant, City of Auburn Alternate, Tim Onderko, Town of Loomis
Tony Hesch, City of Colfax

The PCAPCD Board of Directors meets on the second Thursday of even numbered months, unless otherwise indicated and noticed. The schedule for 2017 is available here. These meetings begin at 2:30 PM in the Placer County Administrative Center, the "Domes", in the Placer County Supervisor's Chambers. The Administrative Center is located at 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn.

The PCAPCD Board Of Directors are appointed from elected officials within the County's jurisdictions and the term of office is concurrent with their official term of office for the jurisdiction they represent, or as new appointments are made by the respective appointing authority. Please see Administrative Rules and Bylaws section 1.4. A link is provided below.

District Board of Directors Administrative Rules and Bylaws amended June 8, 2017.